Return to Independence

Aaaaand, I’m back. It’s been a long time since I posted anything here.

Mainly this was because I worked full time for a while. I found it hard to work all day on someone else’s project, then come home and do even more blog-worthy code-related stuff. At the end of the work day I was done with code. So, this blog faded away. Back before that, in my glorious years of independence, I could find time to explore whatever technical areas caught my eye.

But I’m back. Going corporate was never my style, and I’ve reestablished my independence as a developer. I worked independently writing my own apps and contracting for 15 years before taking my first full time developer job on Apple platforms, so maybe it was inevitable.

Professionally this means that I am once again available for contract work. If you have an interesting project where a veteran iOS and macOS developer could help out, hit me up. There may also be a new app or two.

It also means that there will be blog posts. This blog shows an embarassingly long gap between posts, and I plan to make up for that. To that end, if you have something you’d like to hear about, hit me up about that also.

Will all of this go as hoped? Let’s find out together.